ELBA Basincli Döküm Sanayii A.Ş.

Established in İstanbul-Maltepe in 1969, ELBA started its operations with production of alloy aluminium pressure die casting and casting, which are demanded by the automotive industry. Having also included pressure die casting aluminium radiator and alloy aluminium rim in its production, the company started panel radiator production with E.C.A. branded semi-automatic welding lines in 1st section of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1990 due to reasons such as increase of construction of collective housing, cheapness, ease of assembly, use and cleaning and aesthetics. Having its technology renewed by as of 2001, ELBA deactivated its old lines and commissioned its fully automatic and advanced technology 1st Welding Line with a capacity of 550.000 running meters; later it shifted to production of new design panel radiator which has higher thermal efficiency and more esthetical appearance. 2nd Welding Line with a capacity of 612.000 running meters was also commissioned in 2003 in line with increasing demands and production capacity was increased up to 1.224.000 running meters/year.

Art Hersteller
Telefon 0090/236 2330600
Fax 0090/236 2330602
Straße Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 50 Yıl Cad. No: 15
Stadt 45030 Manisa
Land Türkei
E-Mail info@elba.com.tr
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