Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems Corporation

In the 21st century, people are making it their main priority to seek the best solution to global warming through combinations of diversified fuel types and distributed power sources. Fuel cells have a high efficiency, and thus they contribute to CO2 reduction. They are also very clean and quiet forms of energy and cause virtually no NOx, SOx, or dust, all of which can cause acid rain or air pollution in communities. They are anticipated to be the best energy conversion system in the 21st century. We have been commercializing our residential fuel cell system (polymer electrolyte) since 2009 using phosphoric acid fuel cell technologies and home appliance development techniques. In partnership with energy suppliers (oil companies and gas companies), we started a large-scale demonstration program on stationary fuel cells for the New Energy Foundation in FY2005 and delivered 748 residential fuel cell systems that are fuelled with city gas and LPG. The units have been commercialized since FY2009, and a total of around 59,000 units had been shipped as of end of FY2014. We continuously strive to develop products that satisfy our customers.

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Straße 33 Shin Isogo-cho, Isogo-ku Yokohama-shi
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