Immergas S.p.A.

Reliability has been from the beginning our primary requirement so that at all times and in all situations people could count on the products they purchased. The spirit of innovation was the spark that started Immergas. Today this means going beyond the mere comfort of the domestic environment: it means producing appliances that are saving more and consuming increasingly less with the help of renewable energy sources. Service is one of the characteristics that has made Immergas famous at home and abroad. It comes from the relationship with the professionals in the sector, from their need to be always up-to-date and informed, from their readiness to respond as quickly as possible to customer requests. This is why Immergas is the only company in the sector that provides service 7 days a week during the winter period.

Art Hersteller
Themen Erneuerbare Energien
Telefon 0039/0522 689011
Fax 0039/0522 689178
Straße Via Cisa Ligure, nr. 95
Stadt 42041 Brescello (RE)
Land Italien
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